Savour Authentic Italian Cuisine at Bali’s Latest Addition, Il Locale

A Renowned Italian-Australian Restaurateur Brings His Award-Winning Fare to Bali, Indonesia

Homestyle Italian food sits at the heart of Bali’s latest restaurant, Il Locale. The celebration of Italian flavours recently opened its doors in Berawa in an industrial-style eatery, and proudly leads with the mantra ‘true to Italy, true to nature’. 

Behind Il Locale is renowned Italian-Australian restaurateur Mauro Marcucci, who has been involved in a slew of popular restaurants across Australia. These include Caffe e Cucina and Il Bacaro in Melbourne, Italian Street Kitchen and  Pizza e Birra in Sydney also Beccofino in Brisbane. As well as Baccomatto Osteria in Sydney, which he’s still at the helm of.

It was this award-winning combination of simple but delicious fare and hospitality he hopes to share with Indonesia. Not forgetting the venue’s enduring focus on the handmade items, especially when it comes to pasta.

Mauro explains; “We wanted to do simple, honest Italian handcrafted food in a venue that makes you feel like you’re at home. With Chef Francesco, we wanted to create a place where everything is produced by hand. And since the Balinese culture is just as focused on the artisanal, we thought the concept will fit here really nicely.” 

Think of Handrolled Spaghetti with Blue Swimmer Crab, and Orange Wine. An Il Locale favourite which tosses sweet local seafood with the venue’s signature pasta down, and a splash of acidity from the natural wine.

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