About Us

We’re an independent digital journalist from Indonesia, serving transparent and reliable daily news since 2007, trying to be the first one who covers breaking news. Writing foods, Travels, Business, company affairs, and much more. Our news could be trusted with government support without controlled by the government, easily read our news from any platform across Indonesia without access and expensive expenses.

Our aim in our journalistic process we work without restrictions. But we are also trying, together with you, one thing at a safe spot. To achieve any outcome, one single person only with complete independent authority.

Our journalists on this page report and inform all over Java and not only covering local things, but an international story all from the same website from the top and first hand as possible as an independent, honest press has many limitations and shortcomings with costly news to reach many places it isn’t meant to, or as to cover all important thing, one step forward will keep many in mind from what could go on.