Savour Authentic Italian Cuisine at Bali’s Latest Addition, Il Locale

Then there’s the small, stonebaked pizzettas, popular in Rome. And the eternally adored bite-size entree that is Battered Zuchini Flower, this time indulgently stuffed with truffle, honey, and sheep’s milk pecorino. 

Il Locale’s cocktails embrace an Italian edge, with the odd splash of Indonesia. Says Mauro; “The concept of the cocktails are simple. We’ve combined an Indonesian touch with Italian beverage culture, using plenty of local produce and businesses.” Stand-outs include the Il Locale Fashion, Limoncello Gin Collins, and Canggu al Pompelmo. All Italian (with a touch of Balinese) twists on classic tipple which promise to win over your tastebuds. 

The simplicity of Il Locale’s food and drink offerings are mirrored in its interiors, which mingle industrial furnishings and plenty of concrete with an open kitchen and dining room. They have been dreamt up by the lauded Architrend Indonesia, an experienced design firm well-versed in eye-catching venues.

Il Locale

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