SCYEP Participants 2023-2024 

SMAN 5 Surabaya (Seraya SC)

Sharko and Croco, unique dolls and tote bags made to promote the city of Surabaya. The product is designed with the shape and image of the Surabaya City icon and is equipped with the legendary story of Sura and Baya. 

SMAN 3 Yogyakarta (Sarasija SC)

Vikasati, innovative carbon-based soap made from recycled plastic waste. To provide the best benefits to customers, the product has gone through laboratory tests. 

SMAN 17 Surabaya (Skeva SC)           

P-BOOM, soundproofing and air freshener product for bathrooms. 

SMKN 5 Jayapura (Hano SC)

Seasories, stylish and environmentally friendly handbags and accessories, are made from Papuan tree bark, fish skin and Papuan batik patchwork waste. 

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