A Michelin-Starred Four Hands Collaboration at T’ang Court, at The Langham Jakarta 

Acclaimed Chinese Executive Chef from The Langham Shanghai and The Langham Jakarta, have crafted a special Cantonese menu inspired by the Tang Dynasty cuisine

To celebrate the delicacy and universal fondness of Cantonese Cuisine, T’ang Court at The Langham, Jakarta is delighted to present an exclusive Four Hands Michelin Star collaboration, celebrating the exquisite flavors of Cantonese Cuisine inspired by the T’ang Dynasty from 2 to 4 May, 2024.

This special event brings together the acclaimed Chef Tony Su, the Chinese Executive Chef of the Michelin-starred T’ang Court Shanghai (the first T’ang Court in mainland China), and the talented Chinese Executive Chef Chong Kooi Sam from T’ang Court Jakarta (the first T’ang Court in Southeast Asia).

The Four Hands Collaboration reunites Chef Tony Su and Chef Chong Kooi Sam, former from their time together in Shanghai. Both renowned for their mastery, creativity and ability to provide guests with a unique Chinese and Cantonese gastronomy journey, they will bring a shared leadership and culinary prowess to the table. From 2 to 4 May 2024, guests can indulge in a captivating set menu that offers a diverse yet harmonious culinary journey inspired by the grandeur of the T’ang Dynasty.

During the T’ang Dynasty, a period known for its cultural and culinary sophistication, food was characterized by its intricate flavours, delicate presentation, and emphasis on seasonal ingredients. Drawing inspiration from this rich culinary heritage, Chef Tony Su and Chef Chong Kooi Sam will showcase a menu that captures the essence of T’ang Dynasty cuisine while infusing it with their own creative flair.

To debut the experience, diners will stimulate their palate with T’ang Court Signature Appetizer Platter, followed by Double-boiled Conpoy, Fish Maw and Sea Conch with Melon. The gastronomic escape will continue with Wagyu Parcel Wrapped with Truffle and Assorted Mushrooms. As the main course unfolds, each chef will showcase a signature dish.

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