Amangiri Welcomes Longevity Powered by Nature Retreat with Geshe Yong Dong

Set in the stunning natural beauty of the Utah desert, this summer, Amangiri will host an exclusive Longevity Powered by Nature Retreat with accomplished meditation master and internationally renowned Buddhist monk, Geshe Yong Dong. 

From 7-10 June, the four-day retreat will offer an antidote to the stress of daily life by opening the senses to the natural world. Geshe La will share elemental secrets and Tibetan Bon practices – including meditation, mantra chanting and movement – drawing on the American West’s most spectacular landscape to rejuvenate body, mind and spirit, and improving quality of life in the present.

Having studied with the Dalai Lama, Geshe Yong Dong is a master in letting go and living in the present. Deepening the connection with the elements from the moment of arrival, an intimate welcome ceremony and a group yoga and sound bowl experience in the starkly beautiful desert at Amangiri will offer a warm welcome to the retreat. 

Over the four days, Geshe La will provide wisdom into ancient meditation techniques and the longevity benefits of a closer connection to nature during daily lectures and outdoor sessions including early morning sunrise mindfulness walks along the Coyote Trail, winding through the 165-million-year-old Entrada sandstone rock terrain. 

Additionally, evening sessions such as the Tibetan Magic Movement, which incorporates sacred sounds into breathwork and chants to relieve stress and trauma, promote a heightened awareness of circadian rhythms under the glowing heavens.

Offering silence and minimal light pollution, these sessions will take place at Amangiri’s unique outdoor Thai Pavilions and Step Pool, the perfect location for Meditative Stargazing.

The retreat also includes additional spa treatments (up to 3 hours) and the full use of Amangiri’s extensive spa facilities to enhance relaxation and restoration.

A bespoke journal to share learnings and wisdom during the retreat, incense sticks and Monk Geshe Yong Dong’s ‘Calm Breath, Calm Mind’ book will be gifted, offering a thoughtful reminder of the retreat of a lifetime.

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