Converse Elevates Artists from Southeast Asia in Culturally Relevant Campaign To Inspire Creativity

Musicians, dancers, skaters and visual-cinematographic artists from Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Vietnam and Singapore showcase their talents and creations in the series

Converse has been adopted by musicians, artists, athletes, dreamers, and thinkers for over a century, with distinct connections around the globe and across cultures.  The brand continues championing the spirit of ‘Create Next’ with a regional campaign carrying an invitation, enthusiasm, and a fresher approach to empower its young community to express themselves creatively in the fields of music, art, sports, and fashion.

The brand is presenting creative young talents into one integrated inspiring movement, collaborating with Southeast Asian creative youth.

In continuing its tradition of upholding self-expression while breaking boundaries and appearing with new works, this campaign effort, Converse in the Southeast Asia region; Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam and the Philippines collaborated and appointed musicians, dancers, skaters and visual artists and cinematographers from the countries above to participate as models in a campaign that will and showcase their talents and work to become an inspiration for the Gen Z community.

The campaign serves as a call to action — challenging young people to disrupt their status quo in creating, discovering, and expressing themselves with Converse as the foundation for sparking unique experiences and inspiring personal style.

Through this new spirit, the brand hopes to inspire youth to be more creative in music and other creative spaces to create work that is innovative, groundbreaking, and fresh.

Converse All Star Marcus Chow Li Ming, a cinematography artist other All Stars from Singapore are coming together to produce parts of the campaign. The production takes place in some of Gen Z’s hottest hangout spots, with each country having its own distinct characteristics represented 

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