Regent Phu Quoc Presents Second Taste Studio Pop-Up with the Unveiling of ‘An Odyssey to Vietnam’

The Creative Team: 

Chef De Cuisine Daniel Huynh at Ocean Club 

Born and raised in Vietnam, Daniel’s passion for food started at a young age, sampling the variety of flavors available around him. Apprenticing at some of the finest restaurants in Vietnam, he’s joined the team at Regent Phu Quoc to head up Ocean Club, a beachfront, Mediterranean-inspired lifestyle restaurant.

Inspired by Vietnam’s multiple cultures and melting pot of cuisines and traditions, Daniel loves to play with overseas inspirations and local favorites to bring new creations to life. 

Chef De Cuisine Andy Huynh at Oku 

Born in Vietnam and raised in California, Andy grew up between land and sea, discovering early the value of each ingredient and their cultural meaning. He honed his Japanese techniques with Nobu for many years, from San Diego to Nassau, before joining the team at Regent Phu Quoc to open the contemporary Japanese – French restaurant Oku.

His creativity fuses a flurry of influences, from modern art to far-flung travel, but his dishes are always rooted in a deep respect for the finest ingredients and products. 

Executive Pastry Chef, Duyen Nguyen 

Chef Duyen Nguyen grew up in Ninh Binh, a Northern province in Vietnam that’s known for its magical riverine landscape and an UNESCO’s world heritage site. Chef Duyen is a traditional French pastry cuisine aficionado with a passion for art and colour that he translates into his cuisine.

Inspired by the picturesque nature of his upbringing, Chef Duyen incorporates local ingredients and flavours of his homeland into the pastries he makes. 

As the Executive Pastry Chef at Regent Phu Quoc, Chef Duyen aspires to create unique and sensory experiences for guests. He uses rose myrtle fruits or peppers, both of which are found only in Phu Quoc island in his sweet and savoury creations. 

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