Brews and Booze: A Bar Experience in The Grand Mansion Menteng with Andrew Thenne

Set to elevate the bar scene, The Grand Mansion Menteng collaborated with Andrew Thenne on its first Bar Takeover, introducing the “Mango Sunrise Splash” and “Ginjutsu Green”

The Grand Mansion Menteng by The Crest Collection hosted its first Bar Takeover named Brews and Booze a collaboration between them and an up-and- coming bartender, Andrew Thenne. This bar experience will feature two different drinks, a mocktail and cocktail which then will be served until 11th June 2024 available only at Wei Café located in the lobby of the property.

With 65 rooms of pure elegance, unveiling new and unique stories to be uncovered behind every door, The Grand Mansion Menteng is the definition of a hidden luxury in the middle of Jakarta. Inspired by Dutch and Japanese arts and tradition as well as premiering its line of mocktail and cocktail, The Grand Mansion Menteng is set to amaze its guests not only with mouth-watering foods and delicacies, but also drinks and beverages for them to enjoy a holistic luxurious experience.

Setting the scenes, Andrew prepared a Dutch inspired mocktail, with Mango as the primary hero named “Mango Sunrise Splash”, a combination of various types and mixture of mangoes and spices to create a sour and spicy taste, perfect for an evening of relaxation. Accompanying the mocktail, is a Japanese-inspired cocktail named “Ginjutsu Green”, a combination of Gin, Matcha, and Cheesecake essence creating a sweet beverage, where each sip is a trip to the sweets shop.

“We are thrilled to collaborate with Andrew Thenne, who we believe can elevate the presence of The Grand Mansion Menteng to reach higher heights in our F&B sector. Through this collaboration, we hope to give the guests a quick sneak peek at our bar standard for years to come, providing excellent service and experiences through our diverse selection of food and beverages. The Grand Mansion Menteng is ready to welcome you to the world of opulence and luxury in the heart of Jakarta.” Stated Angelina Lazuardi, General Manager of The Grand Mansion Menteng.

Brews and Booze marks the first Bar Takeover for The Grand Mansion Menteng, alongside this, the hotel served its guests with its signature delicacies such as the “Triple Chocolate” and its April Special “Japanese Cheesecake”, both perfectly synchronizes with the drinks to create a festive feeling inside the palette.

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