Regent Phu Quoc Presents Second Taste Studio Pop-Up with the Unveiling of ‘An Odyssey to Vietnam’

Guest Chef Hoang Tung 

Hailing culinary expertise and creative flairs that set him apart from many, Chef Hoang Tung is a creative force behind the revolutionary T.U.N.G dining, famed for introducing Vietnam’s inaugural tasting menu in 2018.

T.U.N.G dining secured a coveted spot among Asia’s 100 Best Restaurants in 2021, recognizing Chef Tung is the youngest Vietnamese Head Chef to receive this distinction at the age of 28.

Notably, all four of the restaurants under his helm were designated in the prestigious Michelin Guide 2023, encompassing two fine dining restaurants, T.U.N.G dining and Å by TUNG, as well as two other casual restaurants. 

Chef Tung’s culinary ingenuity draws inspiration from seasonal ingredients, reimagining traditional Vietnamese fare with innovative techniques to create dishes that inspire memories for years to come. 

Chef Tung continues to redefine the global presence of Vietnamese cuisine, he envisions a future where Vietnamese chefs unite to amplify their culinary heritage on a global scale. 

Guest Mixologist The Mood Therapist – Richard Mcdonough 

McDonough started with a passion for home cooking that grew into more than simply a passing interest in modernist cuisine. 

The equipment he began using was more commonly found in laboratories, not home kitchens, so he looked to cocktails to meet that thirsty demand for larger numbers of guests. And so, The Mood Therapist was born. 

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