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The Poetry of Subtle Luxury – by Yuni Jie, Jie Design

Blending warmth with a mindful contemporary touch, Yuni Jie infuses her signature style, The Art of Casual Elegance, into the 4-bedroom unit of Savyavasa, mirroring the refined lifestyle of its residents.

A believer in the balance of East and West, Yuni Jie blends Japanese rustic simplicity with Scandinavian purity, enriched by a hint of traditional Indonesian elements. The meticulous attention to detail and understanding has created a space that radiates a calming and peaceful effect, resulting in a design that is beautiful, functional and timeless.

“When crafting residential spaces, I prioritize achieving an ideal harmony between practicality and style. For Savyavasa, the goal is to curate environments that radiate a calming and peaceful effect, something that is sought-after in contemporary living. Savyavasa is an exceptional canvas for elevating the quality of life through design and craftsmanship,” says Yuni.

Spanning 264 sqm, the unit features an open plan of aesthetically pleasing living, dining, pantry, bar foyer, and storage area upon entering the unit. Every piece of furniture is thoughtfully selected, ranging from the iconic 1956 original Eames lounge chair and timeless Saucer lamps designed by George Nelson to the elegant cantilever Thonet dining chairs crafted from rattan weaving and tubular steel.

The material for the bar is Statuario marble carved in organic form. Chevron motifs light Oak flooring enhances the character of the ambiance, while motorized window blinds with calm-tonality curtains complete the space and create a sense of serenity.

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