% Arabica Introduces 8 New Coffee Beans Available at All Indonesia Stores

% Arabica now offers a rich collection of coffee beans from various coffee producing regions around the globe, from the hills of Guatemala to the verdant slopes of Mount Kerinci in Indonesia. 

Brand of % Arabica’s mission is to have its customers ‘See the world through coffee.’ With this in mind, founder Kenneth Shoji personally travels to the world’s best coffee producers each year to curate % Arabica’s selection of single origin coffees. % Arabica Indonesia is proud to launch its newest collection of new single origin coffee beans. 

The % Arabica team of expert roasters and baristas have precisely curated these beans to bring out their unique characteristics. From the lush hills of Colombia to the enchanting landscapes of Indonesia, each bean tells a story of dedication, passion, and a deep love for the art of coffee. 

Here are the new coffee beans that are now available in all % Arabica stores in Jakarta and Bali: 

1. Guatemala Chimaltenango Concepción Buena Vista 

This coffee comes from one area of the estate called “El Horizonte” in the Central region of Guatemala. The bean is the result of the tireless efforts of brothers Eddy and David Solano, the fourth-generation of coffee farmers hailing from their family, to continue the family tradition of cultivating Red Bourbon coffee trees. 

The ripe coffee cherries are rinsed, floated, and dried whole on African beds for approximately 16-21 days, which results in a medium-bodied cup with high acidity and notes of blackcurrant, plum, and caramel. 

2. Nicaragua Jinotega Las Delicias 

These beans are sourced from the Mierisch family’s farm in the high mountains of Nicaragua’s Matagalpa and Jinotega regions. The Las Delicias is their smallest farm in Jinotega, managed by Eleane Mierisch. Eleane is a fourth-generation family farmer and one of Nicaragua’s leading lights in coffee processing. 

Only the ripest cherries of this Javanica lot are selected and dried on African-style raised beds, where they are turned regularly to allow even drying. The result is a vibrant and intense cup full of fruit sugars, with strong notes of blueberry and berry fruits, and a hint of almond in the finish. It is perfect for Chemex or to roast to be enjoyed at home. 

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