Iconic Artisan Hand-Crafted Jewelry Brand John Hardy 

Introduces Fall/Holiday 2023 Collections

Featuring four exhilarating key collections, Fall 2023 is the first chapter of the modern reimagination of the world of John Hardy. 

The artisan hand-crafted jewelry brand born in Bali in 1975, John Hardy is proud to unveil its Fall 2023 collections. Enlivened by the new leadership of CEO Jan-Patrick Schmitz and Creative Chairman Reed Krakoff, this season marks the beginning of an exciting modern reimagination of the brand’s almost 50-year heritage, with a focus on exuberant, contemporary approaches and a fresh perspective.

John Hardy’s celebration of self-expression, reverence for its Bali-based artisanship, and steadfast commitment to sustainability are at the core of Fall/Holiday 2023’s four key collections, officially available now in Indonesia.

Surf: A new wave of self-expression

Bold yet sensuous and evoking the raw power of ocean waves, the Surf collection’s inspiration draws from a singular link isolated from the brand’s signature woven chain.

Amplified into exaggerated proportions to become a distinctly John Hardy element, the link is applied across all categories in highly sculptural styles, from pendant necklaces, statement collar necklaces, and closed hinged bangles with an ingeniously engineered clasp for a secure fit, to sculpted rings and earrings. 

Crafted from 100% reclaimed silver, reclaimed 14K gold and diamond pavé that shimmers like sea spray, Surf offers a variety of sizes, from finer gauges all the way up to magnified, daring proportions that showcase the depth and relief of the link. Forming a mesmerizing seascape of styles that transition seamlessly from formal to casual, the collection elicits the constant movement of the ocean’s eternal rhythm.

Spear: The evolution of an icon

A thrilling reinterpretation of John Hardy’s artisanal DNA with a contemporary, alluring twist, the Spear collection is both raw and refined, bold and fluid, with each design elevating the brand’s signature textures with accents of bright diamond pavé. Infusing a heritage technique with a luxurious and precious vibe, Spear is a striking evolution of John Hardy’s signature Icon Classic Chain, embodying tradition and innovation for cool, edgy empowerment. 

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