Iconic Artisan Hand-Crafted Jewelry Brand John Hardy 

Inspired by traditional Balinese weaving, the Spear collection features precious metal that has been meticulously hand-wrapped around a flexible titanium core to create an ornately textured chain that is fully adjustable to wrap sinuously around the wrist, finger or neck. Created to celebrate the warrior in all of us, the collection is a strong yet graceful evolution of the finest John Hardy artistry.

Love Knot: Built to be unbreakable 

A subtle metaphor for the unbreakable bonds of love and commitment — whether for oneself or with another — the Love Knot collection interlinks two of John Hardy’s signature woven chains to form an elegant, graceful knot.

The strength of the knot is translated across all categories, spanning soft woven rings, casted earrings (both hoops and more linear shoulder sweepers), soft hand-woven bracelets in a range of chain gauges, and necklaces. 

100% reclaimed silver and gold, as well as ethically-sourced diamonds are used throughout the exquisite collection. The cord bracelets pair the brand’s intricate woven chains with waxed cotton cord, which are available in black and John Hardy’s signature color, marigold orange. In a range of easy gifting styles, the Love Knot collection is perfect for the holiday season. 

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