Krispy Kreme Teamed with New Era

To Produce 2 Merchandise of Special Edition Hats in Celebration of its 17th Anniversary in Indonesia

Krispy Kreme has been a part of many Indonesians’ happiness since 2006, when it introduced a broad selection of doughnuts. This year, Krispy Kreme celebrated its 17th anniversary by initiating a collaboration with a headgear company, New Era, to launch two types of headwear, 9Forty Cap and reversable bucket hat, which are already available in 10 selected Krispy Kreme stores and 9 selected New Era stores starting today.

Krispy Kreme is an American doughnut chain that has become internationally known for its original glazed doughnuts. The company’s history dates back to 1937 when Vernon Rudolph opened the first Krispy Kreme store in Winston-Salem, North Carolina.

In the 1990s, Krispy Kreme underwent a period of rapid expansion, both domestically and internationally, and arrived in Indonesia for the first time in 2006. The brand’s popularity continued to grow, and its doughnuts became synonymous with indulgence and a treat to be enjoyed by people of all ages.

“With 17 years in the industry, we likely have a deep understanding of our market, customers, and the nuances of the product. This experience can lead to better quality, efficient processes, and innovative products. Krispy Kreme will continue to spread joy in the future, as its tagline ‘Bring the Joy’ suggests.”

“This year, Krispy Kreme is doing something out of the ordinary to commemorate its 17th anniversary. Krispy Kreme initiated a collaboration with New Era to create two limited-edition merchandises: a 9Forty Cap and a reversible bucket hat. It’s a joyful story that challenges us to go beyond the box and find value in the unexpected to treat our customers with something fun, fresh and youthful,” said Avilia, Brand Manager Krispy Kreme.

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