Positivity and Comprehensive Skincare are Key in Facing Beauty Anxiety

Echoing the Spirit of “Your Beauty Your Choice”, with Good Mentality and Care, Indonesian Women Push Themselves to Excel Professionally and Socially

Joined by psychologist Dian Wisnuwardhani, M.Psi., and singer Dewi Gita at the MNW Clinic’s 25th-anniversary event, dr. Nat Discussed the Importance of Comprehensive Skincare and Mental Health

In today’s instant world, the pursuits of beauty and the ideal physique have become inseparable for many people, especially women. Not only that embracing one’s natural beauty and overcoming beauty anxiety could have a profound impact on one’s social life and mental health, skincare and ideal appearance could also significantly affect one’s positive self-image at both professional and interpersonal levels.

dr. Nataliani Mawardi, more familiarly known as dr. Nat, NMW Clinic’s initiator and aesthetic practitioner with more than 30 years of experience who has been observing this phenomenon closely expressed how essential it is to pursue the balance between a healthy mentality and comprehensive body care.

In her latest statement, dr. Nat revealed, “The importance of positivity and comprehensive skincare in building self-confidence and healthy mindset in both professional and social settings. A lot of patients seeking her help felt anxious or even worried about their physical appearance.”

“Most of those with anxiety were young women! They were concerned that their physical flaw or imperfection may somehow hinder their career trajectory as well as when interacting confidently with superiors and colleagues at the office and other people socially.”

Our modern society puts a great emphasis on appearances, which often may drive someone into a condition known as “beauty anxiety.” This phenomenon is common among adolescents who are afraid of being rejected by their social circle due to their physical appearance, thus resulting in a lack of self-acceptance.

dr. Nat believes that overcoming these worries and challenges is essential to build a positive self-image and a strong mental outlook. Whereas comprehensive care is defined as efforts we undergo to maintain our physique, especially around the facial area, which can be carried out by professional aesthetic practitioners or excellent and experienced beauty doctors in beauty clinics who are capable of providing the desired aesthetic treatments and solutions.

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