PermataBank and The Mall Group Thailand Collaborate to Support Retail Sector Growth

PermataBank and The Mall Group Thailand agreed to strengthen service networks and accessibility for customers. PermataBank will develop innovative products and services that can be enjoyed at The Mall Group Thailand’s shopping centers.

This strategic collaboration is also a form of commitment from both parties in supporting the acceleration of the retail sector, which is one of the drivers of international business growth.

Through this partnership, PermataBank will expand their existence in the retail and consumer industry whilst providing better banking services to the visitors and tenants of The Mall Group Thailand. The Mall Group Thailand’s reputation in providing quality services has become an attraction for consumers to shop in the country.

Djumariah Tenteram, Retail Banking Director of PermataBank said, “PermataBank and The Mall Group Thailand share the same commitment to drive the Indonesian and Thailand economies through business growth, innovative product and service development, and expanding market share. We designed this partnership to strengthen each other’s business strengths with the aim of providing regional convenience and benefits for our customers.”

PermataBank is leveraging its partnership with The Mall Group Thailand as a strategic approach to develop innovative and customer-centric banking products and services in the affluent segment who have special needs and preferences.

Specifically, the collaboration focuses on offering special loyalty programs and integrated payment solutions with The Mall Group Thailand’s system. These initiatives provide PermataBank with an opportunity to strengthen its customer base and enhance the shopping experience for customers at The Mall Group Thailand’s malls.

Moreover, in enhancing the shopping experience for the affluent segment, PermataBank provides better foreign exchange rates for PermataBlack World Mastercard customers. PermataBank also offers a contactless feature for all types of credit cards.

With this feature, customers can make payments simply by tapping their cards on the payment machine, without the need to touch or insert the card into the reader. This contactless feature will make the payment process easier and faster, making the shopping experience more convenient and comfortable.

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