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Unlocking the Secrets of Optimal Mobility with Rakxa Wellness

Optimal mobility holds different meanings for everyone. Some just want to increase daily activities from their sedentary habits. Some find it as a way to overcome physical discomfort and promote relaxation through stretching or mindfulness exercises such as yoga, and tai chi. And for those recovering from injuries, it’s all about resuming functions and strength through exercises and therapy. 

Concept of Optimal Mobility 

Mobility is more than the movements of body parts; it is a dynamic and coordinated interaction of the entire body. This can be accomplished through three fundamental stages: alignment, coordinated movement, and power development. Each stage plays a crucial role in maximising physical mobility and overall performance. 

Alignment: Foundation of Mobility 

This stage is more than just a warm-up. It is about ensuring proper posture and alignment before you exercise. Good posture and alignment are essential because they allow for optimal biomechanics during movement. When your body is in a balanced position, it reduces unnecessary stress on your joints, muscles, and ligaments.

This promotes efficient movement patterns and reduces the risk of injury. Proper alignment also ensures that your musculoskeletal system is in the best position to generate force, power, and mobility. 

Coordinated Movement: Neuromuscular Coordination 

Brain-muscle coordination, facilitated by the central nervous system (CNS), is another crucial aspect of mobility. The CNS serves as the foundation for all three pillars of movement – sensory input, brain reactions, and motor output – responsible for coordinating muscle contractions, movement initiation, and control.

When your CNS is in sync, it sends signals to your muscles, enabling them to contract and relax smoothly and in a coordinated manner. This coordination enhances movement efficiency and precision, allowing for better overall mobility. 

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