QR-CODE Program for Various Activities in Aviary Bintaro


Aviary Bintaro improving our healthy procedures in hotel enviroment along with increasing cases of corona virus due to the Covid-19 Pandemic to date. One of our efforts to reduce direct interaction with people is by launching a QR-CODE program that can be accessed from personal cellphone users. 

QR – CODE application is used to find out information about hotels 

The QR – Code program is one of our supporting activities in this new normal life. Apart from implementing health protocols, social distancing, washing hands frequently, using hand sanitizer and face mask. For this reason, we started introduce the QR – CODE program in hotel environment to reduce interactions with people to cuts off the spread of Covid-19 virus which easily sprad throuhg the surface of objects around us. 

Starling Eatery QR – CODE for the Chef’s Choices of The Day 

Our various of QR-CODE programs can be used in all hotel environment, such as from food orders with our choices of Chef’s of the day at Starling Eatery, give any comment easily paperless with easy steps from their personal cellphones.