MGallery Reveals a New Chapter with the Launch of Its New Global Campaign 

As 2024 unfolds, MGallery is more determined than ever to bring to life its iconic “M,” now synonymous with Memorable and Meaningful Moments. The brand’s latest campaign marks the renewal of the experience pillars of the boutique hotel collection. 

A Collection of Locations, Destinations, and M Moments 

A cool breeze while climbing a sacred mountain. Smooth clay between one’s fingers. An unusual tea beneath a grand English clock. The quintessence of an exclusive evening in the heart of a chapel. The endless ocean and the shifting of waves in the wee hours of the morning. These are the moments MGallery makes unforgettable in its new brand campaign. 

Experience-seeking guests can now create “Memorable and Meaningful Moments” with MGallery, such as a dazzling dinner at an enchanting Paris landmark or an elegant rooftop tea for two in Liverpool

Moments, Everywhere throughout the World 

Five. This is how many M Moments are featured in the MGallery campaign, in the same number of hotels. Moments of poetry. Moments of sharing. Moments of adventure. Moments that are intimately connected to the history and surroundings of each hotel. Moments that can’t be described, that have to be felt and lived. 

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