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Mural artist, Diela Maharanie, to Perform Live Mural and Outlet Decor Echoing the Youth’s Freedom of Expression

Converse continues its mission to empower its community to expressing themselves creatively in the field of music, art, sports and fashion by featuring creative young talents into one cohesive inspirational movement.

Bolstering a new spirit, concept and approach in creation, Converse Indonesia presents Hack the Store, an event for art and music introducing Diela Maharanie, a talented young mural artist as well as illustrator, to create a live mural and decor at Converse outlet in Kota Kasablanka Mall.

The live mural creation, which will be made available for public viewing, will be held on Wednesday at noon at Converse outlet in Kota Kasablanka Mall, South Jakarta, also features a performance by Converse All Star DJ and a special opportunity to participate in Create Your Chuck activity to customize your Converse. 

Mural artist, Diela Maharanie, recounts, “So happy to be able to perform and collaborate with Converse. I dedicate this mural creation to encourage and support creators, especially the women everywhere, to be able to have the freedom to deliver their ideas, desires and expressions during the creative process in any way they see fit.”

Diela Maharanie is a talented young illustrator from Indonesia who have been known in her 14-years of experience to distinctly feature a female figure with a touch of bright colors, unique, cheerful while at the same time also courageous, a visual character layout which will undoubtedly fit well among the young people.

As The Beatles’ fan, she often gets her inspiration from the music and lyrics of the legendary band. Her other source of inspiration includes fantasy books such as His Dark Materials Trilogy, Alice in Wonderland and DC Comics. 

Converse lights up the spirit of “hack” as a call to action, challenging the youth to alter their status quo in creating, finding and expressing themselves by utilizing Converse products and experiences as a tool to simplify and inspire style.

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