Jakarta Wine Festival: A World of Wine Edutainment

The first Jakarta Wine Festival brings wine education to all audiences in a unique setting.

For the first time, the Jakarta Wine Festival will be held from August 31, 2023, to September 2, 2023, at Astha Mall District 8. This wine celebration event will showcase hundreds of wine varieties from various parts of the world in one place and also offer various wine education sessions.

The Jakarta Wine Festival is initiated by Pritha Casadevall and Poetri Andayani. It all started with the Jakarta Wine Club Series community, founded by Pritha in 2019. With a membership of 480 people and regular wine education activities, they decided to expand their efforts. “We want to provide a platform for everyone to learn about wine in a form of edutainment,” said Pritha.

“Art of Celebration” is the inclusive theme that brings together wine enthusiasts, art enthusiasts, and anyone interested in celebrating life. Therefore, the Jakarta Wine Festival collaborates with individuals from various fields, age groups, and backgrounds to appreciate life’s celebrations through wine, art, and cuisine.

The development of local wine and cheese is one of the highlights of the festival. The rapid growth of local wineries places Indonesia on the world wine map as one of the producers of New Latitude Wine (wine produced in equatorial regions).

Similarly, local cheese has seen significant growth. Local cheese maker able to produce cheese of the same quality as European varieties. Pritha hopes that the growth of the wine and culinary industry in Indonesia will create job opportunities in the tourism sector and contribute to the government’s sustainable economic goals.

The celebration theme does not overshadow the educational aspect, which is a focus of the Jakarta Wine Festival. There are a total of 20 workshops covering wine, art, culinary, mental health, and sustainability. These workshops are designed for both wine beginners and experts. Workshops on wine varietals, wine glass recognition, how to read a wine menu, and more, will be held for the beginners.

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