Cold Stone Creamery Unveils Four Refreshing Flavors this Summer

As temperatures soar in Indonesia, there’s a cool solution on the horizon: Cold Stone Creamery is thrilled to announce the launch of four enticing new flavors, set to hit stores starting May 1st, 2024. Crafted to tantalize taste buds and offer a delightful respite from the scorching summer sun, these innovative flavors promise to elevate the ice cream experience to new heights.

Peach Yoghurt

Indonesia’s tropical climate makes it the perfect destination for indulging in creamy, dreamy frozen treats, and Cold Stone Creamery is proud to be at the forefront of the country’s ice cream scene.

With a commitment to quality and innovation, Cold Stone Creamery continuously seeks to push the boundaries of flavor, delivering unforgettable experiences with every scoop.

  1. Matcha Ice Cream: Transport yourself to the serene tea gardens of Japan with each spoonful of this exquisite matcha-infused ice cream. Perfectly balancing earthy notes with a hint of sweetness, this flavor is a refreshing twist on a classic favorite. 
  2. Blueberry Lavender: Lavender’s delicate floral aroma meets the bold burst of blueberries in this enchanting flavor combination. Creamy and fragrant, this indulgent treat offers a blissful escape from the summer heat. 
  3. Strawberry Cheesecake: Experience nostalgia in every bite with this delectable homage to the timeless dessert. Rich, creamy strawberry ice cream swirled with delicate cheesecake pieces creates a symphony of flavors that will leave you craving more. 
  4. Peach Yogurt: Dive into a whirlwind of fruity goodness with this luscious blend of ripe peaches and creamy yogurt. Bursting with fresh, tangy flavor, this refreshing option is a delightful twist on traditional yogurt-based treats. 
Green Tea

“At Cold Stone Creamery, we’re passionate about crafting indulgent experiences that bring joy to our customers. With our latest lineup of innovative flavors, we invite ice cream lovers across Indonesia to embark on a journey of taste sensations that will leave them refreshed and rejuvenated this summer,” said Dini Alamanda Arizully, Brand Manager Cold Stone Creamery.

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