Hennessy Artistry Throws an Afrobeats Celebration with Dave Nunes

Hennessy Artistry is throwing a lively event showcasing the talents of Dutch DJ and music producer, Dave Nunes.

Hennessy Artistry returns this month to Zoo SCBD, Jakarta, on Friday, 25 August 2023 from 10 p.m. onwards. The highlight of the night will be the renowned Dutch DJ and music producer Dave Nunes.

There will be electrifying sets from resident DJs, adding to the excitement of the evening. Hailing from the Netherlands, Dave Nunes is a popular DJ and music producer who came into contact with a creative environment at a young age.

Guided by an open-minded approach and an insatiable curiosity, he has spent years assimilating elements from diverse musical genres. His music is a journey through the experience of life and consists of a fusion of different musical cultures.

Dave Nunes’ ascent to prominence commenced in 2019 on the SoundCloud platform, where he unveiled his inaugural remix. Thousands of listeners quickly picked up the remix and played it in clubs worldwide. A pivotal juncture arrived in 2021 when Dave Nunes joined forces with “CHAMOS” for their collaborative track titled “Sobe.”

Since then, Dave has worked with several artists, including FS Green, DJ Waxfiend, Tera Kòrá, and Saint Ronil. His dynamic DJ performances seamlessly meld Afro, Hip-Hop, R&B, Future Beats, and Amapiano, resulting in a remarkable sonic journey that connects people globally. Dave is also widely known for his innate ability to electrify audiences.

Hennessy Artistry is Hennessy’s annual event that presents the most talented artists and idiosyncratic music, providing the finest music, entertainment, cool themes, and parties.

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