NalaGenetics to Share Insights on DNA Testing for Cholesterol Management 

At the Ministry of Health Booth during Jakarta Fair 2023

NalaGenetics, the winner of the 2022 Health Innovation Sprint Accelerator, is proud to announce its participation in the Jakarta Fair (PRJ) at the Ministry of Health booth. As part of this initiative, an engaging talk show will be held to explore the topic of cholesterol and the role of DNA testing in reducing the negative side effects of cholesterol medications.

Dr. Lonah, Sp.FK, an expert guest from NalaGenetics, will provide insights into the potential side effects of taking the wrong cholesterol medications and offer tips to prevent these negative effects through DNA testing. Taking the right medications for cholesterol is crucial, especially for individuals at risk who are undergoing cholesterol treatment. 

In addition to the topic of cholesterol medications, this talk show will also discuss the benefits of DNA testing in optimising cholesterol management and reducing the harmful side effects of taking the wrong medications. Participants of the talk show will be introduced to the concepts of nutrigenetic and pharmacogenomic DNA testing, which are the latest innovations in the field of healthcare. 

“We are excited to organise this insightful talk show as part of the Health Innovation Sprint Accelerator at the Jakarta Fair,” said Levana Sani, CEO of NalaGenetics.

“Through this event, we aim to educate the public about cholesterol management and emphasize the importance of consuming the right medications through DNA testing. We believe that by facilitating knowledge exchange and promoting innovative solutions, we can contribute to improving health outcomes in our community.”

About NalaGenetics

NalaGenetics is a leading biotechnology start-up dedicated to revolutionising healthcare through DNA testing. By uravelling the mysteries of the human genome, NalaGenetics aims to empower individuals to make informed decisions about their health.

Through DNA testing, NalaGenetics also harnesses DNA insights to provide personalised recommendations on the best nutrition and medications, enabling every individual to achieve optimal health and well-being.

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