Creative Tribe and Additional Partners are Continuing with the #PelarianWeekends Event

Following Up on Last Year’s Success in Raising Awareness of Mental Health Issues

The open campaign partnered with Hatiplong, Dash Sports, Runhood, RAD Media 1441, Brookland Coffee, Syndicate TV and Vox Populi Publicists will be scheduled monthly throughout this year, bringing a safe space for consultation, discussion and sharing with a psychologist, numerous positive activities and musical performances.

#Pelarian was launched in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic more than a year ago, and the Indonesian youth responded with great enthusiasm and support. It was an open campaign and collective movement that was part of contemporary culture that was aimed at the young millennial and gen-Z generation, encouraging them to start caring and raising awareness for mental health issues. 

The initiator, Creative Tribe, which is a startup company in the field of creative marketing, has returned for a follow-up campaign entitled #pelarianweekenders along with all of their loyal partners. 

The #pelarianweekenders event which was initiated in collaboration with HatiPlong, Dash Sports, Voltandfast, Runhood, RAD Media 1441, Brookland Coffee, Syndicate TV and Vox Populi Publicists, will be scheduled for monthly routine throughout the year, bring a safe space in the form of sharing sessions and discussions as well as presenting a psychologist for anyone desiring consultation, while at the same time kicking off numerous positive activities.

Tribe’s Creative Business Director, Nadian Almatsier stated, “Thankfully, Praise God, the #pelarian movement is being followed up by #pelarianweekenders. We feel happy and grateful for the overwhelming response so far, this indicates that a lot of people care about mental health problems and in agreement that we must take a proper action in handling the matter.”

“So that those who are facing such issues will be able to know how to deal with it and that they are not alone. As a movement, #pelarian needs to be voiced consistently and continuously, which is why this year it will be held every month, in the hope of getting attention and having a wider impact.”

Meanwhile, CEO and initiator of HatiPlong, Farah Djalal said, “It’s great to be able to participate again this time in #pelarianweekenders, we all want to spread awareness even wider accompanied by concrete action by providing a safe space for any of our friends who may be curious to know, learn, and share about mental health issues.”

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