Lesson from The Tinder Swindler

2. And avoid sending personal intimate images of yourself over the internet that may be used against you

Sending and receiving self images indeed make you feel closer with someone. Remember the boundaries. Not everyone appreciates your intimate pictures, since the pictures can be used against you when something goes south. Pictures can be the ultimate weapon in nowadays era, put up your safety over everything first.

3. When going on a first date, meet in a public meeting place, like a mall or restaurant during day time

Usually scammers avoid public spaces since they are afraid someone may recognize them. If your partner avoids meeting you in public spaces, you may put your suspicion on them. Meeting someone you barely know in public space, especially during the day time will give you the benefit of safety since you may ask for help anytime you think you need it.

4. And let your friends know that you’re going on a date, when, where and with whom you are meeting

Give the specific information to people you trust when you are about to go on a date with someone you know through dating apps. Send them a live location if it’s possible, your date numbers, and other specific details about the date. Having prepared a safety date is better than letting your guard down.

“You don’t need validation from other people that you are worth it, and don’t blame yourself for becoming a victim of a scammer. If you think you are talking to a scammer or have been scammed, stop engaging with them and report it to the authority immediately,” Violet advised.

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