Lesson from The Tinder Swindler

Also, if the person that you’re matched with looks too gorgeous like a supermodel – you can use Google Reverse Image Search to check the authenticity of these photos! Many scammers often use photos of models online to pretend like it’s their own.

3. Their life sounds like a soap opera

After talking to them for a little while, they would start telling you about their problems to get your sympathy.

There are many known-tactics that scammers like to use, such as: having a sick or dying family member, business is not doing well, trying to invest in a new business but encountered issues, having no close-knitted family or friends and no one else to turn to when they need help.

From here, they would slowly start to ask you for help in terms of donation or lending them money.

A tip for all of you: Never lend money to people that you don’t know and never met in real life! Scammers know how to gain your trust and sympathy but do not ever disclose your personal information or bank details to someone you have not met before.

4. They know exactly all the right things to say.

It’s very likely that you are talking to a scammer if he is being super sweet and affectionate before actually meeting you in person. He would immediately tell you that he loves you, you’re his dream woman, you’re the one, or that he’s never felt this way before.

Even though he makes it seem like you’re the one, he would never agree to a meet-up or a video call. He would give you excuses to NOT show his face, but many unsuspecting victims still believe and hang on to them because they’re already emotionally involved.

Scammers would often also send you expensive gifts, but tell you that they are stopped by customs, and need you to pay the tax first to release the items.

Tip: Real custom will go through official procedures and not asking anyone to send a bank transfer. So do not fall for this trick and never send any money.

Photo by August de Richelieu from Pexels

 Violet also shares 4 safety tips when it comes to online dating:

1. Don’t share your particular, such as your workplace or home address

Workplace and home address are very confidential areas which are supposed to be private. Only people you really trust can know this specific information. The problem is, scammers tend to make themselves very trustworthy. Remember that you still need to have the ‘doubt’ over someone else, especially if you meet them online.

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