A Journey to The Middle East


The 1O1 Bogor Suryakancana

Celebrate Ramadan with Middle Eastern cuisine at The 1O1 Bogor Suryakancana. Djoeragan Resto offers a unique experience to enjoy delicious Turkish cuisine and Indonesian specialties.

Buffet IDR 275,000 nett/ person


The 1O1 Bandung Dago

Enjoy the a la carte menu offerings from The 1O1 Bandung Dago for iftar meals.

A la carte menu starting from IDR 30,000 ++


The 1O1 Yogyakarta Tugu

Enjoy a culinary journey to break the fast with Ramadhan DJoewara – Best of the Best Iftar dinner at The 1O1 Yogkarta Tugu. Kalasan Resto presents Indonesian and Middle Eastern dishes accompanied by live music performances every day.

Buffet IDR 158,888 nett/ person


The 1O1 Malang OJ

With the theme Sahara Sajian Khas Ramadhan, The 1O1 Malang OJ presents the concept of breaking the fast with a buffet that highlights Indonesian dishes.

Buffet IDR 135,000 nett/ person

Early Bird Promo IDR 98,000 nett/ person


The 1O1 Palembang Rajawali

The 1O1 Palembang Rajawali presents Splendor of Turkish with a variety of Turkish menu choices. Enjoy a variety of dishes for breaking the fast ranging from takjil, International dishes and various local menus such as Shawarma and Lamb Leg to Pempek.

Buffet IDR 110,000 nett/ person

Early Bird 10% discount period 20-25 March 2022


The Haven Suites Bali Berawa

The Haven Suites Bali Berawa offers Ramadan Set Menu Dinner. Consisting of a menu from appetizers, main dishes, to desserts and drinks, the Ramadan Set Menu Dinner can be enjoyed with family or loved ones.

Set menu starting from IDR 125,000++/ person

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