15 Most Beautiful Starbucks Stores to Visit During the Holidays 

Eid holidays are a special time to gather and spend time with family. However, this long holiday could also be the right time to spend time adventuring and exploring the beauty of Indonesia. 

Spread from Padang to Papua, these Starbucks stores are here to accompany you during your holidays. These are the 15 most beautiful Starbucks stores in Indonesia that you can visit during the holidays that are definitely… Instagrammable! 

1. Starbucks Reserve Metropole

Located on the ground floor of the Metropole Building, this store in a historic building has an area of 410m2 with large indoor and outdoor areas.

The elegant Reserve Bar plus murals on the walls displaying the Coffee Community at Lake Toba, carvings on the tables and a theatrical concept inspired by the Shadow Puppet craft on the ceiling (through the play of light and shadow) and the back wall make this store look even more beautiful and elegant. Don’t forget to stop by before watching the cinema at Metropole.

Location: Metropole XXI Cinema Ground Floor, Jalan Pegangsaan Timur 21, Central Jakarta 

2. Starbucks Reserve Margocity Depok

The specialty of Starbucks Reserve in Margo City lies in its location in the Pondok Cina Old House, a cultural heritage building that has been a silent witness to the development of Depok City since 1841.

The classic colonial building is even more enchanting with the figure of a Siren that emerges from under the sea through a champagne-colored embroidery painting. gold on the wall near the main entrance area. 

This 320 m2 store also plays with a more aqua color palette, making it look like ripples and reflections of sunlight shining on the sea surface from Siren’s perspective. Also enjoy special coffee made by reliable baristas at this store’s Reserve Bar. 

Location: Jl. Margonda No.358, Kemiri Muka, Beji, Depok, West Java 16423 

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