Converse is Breaking Down Barriers for Gender Equality

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With Its Fourth Converse City Forest Mural in Jakarta

As part of Converse’s global All Stars Break Barriers campaign, the iconic shoe brand has partnered with members of our global Converse All Stars community of creatives to paint murals in cities across the world using a photocatalytic paint by Graphenstone, which uses sunlight to break down noxious substances in the air into harmless particles, emulating the air-purifying capabilities of trees. Each square meter painted is equivalent to planting one mature tree in the city.

Converse believes that self-expression and art have the power to reflect the current times, provoke dialogue, and build bridges between us. Together with the vision of local creatives, these sustainable art, also known as Converse City Forests, are a public call for progress, and are strategically placed in highly dense areas to not just tell stories of social progress, but also help purify the surrounding air.

Bringing its fourth Converse City Forests to life in Jakarta, the latest mural, which is located in Jalan Juanda (Central Jakarta) is conceived in collaboration with famed local graffiti artist, Shane Tiara, as well as All Stars Atta and Lekeisha. Titled “Setara Berkarya untuk Ibu Pertiwi”, the mural is a symbol of strength and independence of young Indonesian women, as well as to cast light on gender equality and empowerment.

“I am so honoured to be part of this project. Not only am I creating something beautiful, but the message behind the art is equally, if not, more powerful. I want to tell all the young Indonesia women that we are strong, independent, and we can achieve anything so long as we put our mind to it. When we find our voice, we will reveal our true color” says Shane.

With this mural, Converse has “planted” the equivalent of 150 mature trees in Central Jakarta, and a total of 9,000 trees and counting across all Converse City Forests around the world, including Singapore, Melbourne, Poland, Sao Paolo and more.

Converse is actively looking for ways to keep the momentum going, collaborating with local artists across Indonesia, and the world, to support its mission of creating fresh air in cities. To learn more about Converse City Forests and opportunities, visit

About Converse

For over a hundred years, Converse has empowered the daring spirit of youth by celebrating freedom of expression through individuals and their movement(s). Starting with the iconic Chuck Taylor All Stars and One Star sneakers, we have journeyed alongside the evolution of sport, street and creative culture. Our shoes are world-famous for their colours, comfort, and designs.

They have been worn since time immemorial by famous athletes and other celebrities and add an attitude to any outfit. As a global brand, Converse is committed to spotlighting and addressing today’s issues, such as sustainability. With our global reach, Converse aims to provoke thought and inspire change through campaigns and movements to continue its journey with the generations of tomorrow. 

About Converse All Stars 

Converse All Stars programme is Converse’s creative youth development programme that aims to break down barriers and spark creative progress. Converse partnership with its All Stars community are based on physical and digital experiences, creative opportunities, product and mentorship provided by Converse.

For more information on Converse All Stars, please visit

About Artist

Shane Tiara (@shanetortilla)

Born and raised in Jakarta, Shane Tiara (also known as Shane Tortilla) is an illustrator, comic artist, muralist and graffiti artist. She has a Bachelor Degree in Graphic Communication Design, but prefers to be known as a Visual Entertainer. Shane is also a synth-pop artist for rebelsuns.

Atta, Shane, and Lakeisha

Vita K. Suradji (@thisisatta)

So called a fashion stylist and photographer, born and raised in Jakarta who loves to go on a solo-trip and into street photography. Starting her own business in 2019 that sells made to order reusable bags with her own design (@attagirl_id) in the hope to reduce the plastic usage.

Cut Lakeisha Salsabila Pradhanitya (@cutlakeisha) 

A Brand Strategist who has passion in ABCDEF: Art, Branding, Community, Design, Education, and Fashion. Graduated from School of Business & Management, now Lakeisha is building LAKKE, a platform for aspiring artists in Indonesia to collaborate, and Co-Founder of Hi Fear Club, a girl community that aims to create supportive sisterhood by being vulnerable, appreciating the process, and value positive liberation.

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