Converse – Foot Locker to Host Sneaker Talk with Multi-Talented Young Speakers

Introducing the Return of the Iconic Weapon

In an exciting collaboration, Converse and Foot Locker have come together to present Sneaker Talk, an event that took place at the Foot Locker store in Grand Indonesia, East Mall on Saturday, March 30, 2024. This event featured three young speakers who shared their perspectives on Converse shoes, fashion, and sports.

1. Yassa (Yesaya Saudale), a promising basketball athlete from the Pelita Jaya club, discussed his off-court style preferences and the typical everyday fashion choices of athletes.

2. Gio, a member of the Converse All Star team and a fashion pillar, shared insights on blending styles with the new Converse Weapon collection for daily fashion and his personal experience with these innovative silhouettes.

3. Nico Kurniawan, a dedicated Converse collector and long-time fan, shared why he continues to love and remain loyal to the Converse brand despite the popularity of other shoe brands.

Apart from these engaging talks, the Sneaker Talk event also included a special musical performance, featuring a combination of old-school/legacy rap artists from the 90s, Sweet Martabak, and the future represented by the artist Basboi. Both artists are known for their hit singles and dedicated fan bases.

The Converse Weapon collection, first launched in 1986, was the go-to sneaker for NBA players in the 80s. Thirty-five years later, the Converse Weapon was reimagined by Rick Owens and the Converse CX. In 2023, the OG Weapon returned in its purest form through a series of collaborations with global catalysts and authenticators. The inspiration for these creations comes directly from sneaker culture, fashion, and music.

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