Captivating Vesak – A Celebration at Amanjiwo

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Named ‘Peaceful Soul’ for the serenity of its setting in Central Java’s cultural heartland, Amanjiwo celebrates this year’s Vesak with curated experiences tailored to honour this important day for Buddhists.

From 25-28 May, Amanjiwo will invite guests to join a three-night cultural and spiritual event, immersing themselves in captivating experiences led by Buddhist monks, as well as enjoying inspiring lectures on the history of Gautama Buddha and participating in a ‘Pradakshina’ ceremony led by a monk next to the world’s largest and most spiritually resonant Buddhist monument, Borobudur.

Borobudur at Sunrise

A Tribute to the Sacred Vesak

The majestic Borobudur temple is a central gathering place for Buddhists from across the country and around the world on Vesak Day. On this day, the birth of Buddha is celebrated. It also symbolises the day that he found his Enlightenment. Amanjiwo is proud to collaborate with Veluvana Vihara, a Buddhist monastery in Boyolali, Central Java, as part of the itinerary which allows guests to engage with the monks in honoring the sacred day.

The experience commences with the presence of monks in the lobby of Amanjiwo who chant gracefully to show devotion to the Buddhist teachings. In the evening,guests are invited to join ‘The Birth of Buddha’ lecture led by Amanjiwo’s resident anthropologist, Patrick Vanhoebrouck, who has deep understanding of Indonesian culture and is passionate in sharing his vast knowledge of Borobudur and Javanese spirituality.

The second day begins early morning before breakfast with a walk around the Borobudur temple called ‘Pradakshina’, exclusively for Amanjiwo guests as it led by the monks from Veluvana Vihara and is followed by a lecture by Patrick on ‘The Buddha’s Enlightenment – Nirvana’.

The day continues with an exquisite Vesak vegetarian dinner featuring a special menu curated by the Veluvana Vihara’s monks, followed by the chance to enjoy a performance of the alluring Maharkaya Dance. As a form of gratitude, 10% of the dinner’s profit will be donated to the Veluvana Vihara monastery. At the end of the evening, guests are invited to take part in a lantern releasing ceremony, which symbolizes enlightenment for the entire world.

On the third day, guests are invited to join Patrick Vanhoebrouck’s last lecture on ‘The Passing of the Buddha – Parinirvana’. Amanjiwo will also offer guests a yoga class by the Pool Club to align the mind, body, and soul, followed by a Javanese Ginger Tea Service in the afternoon.

To complete the day, guests are invited to be a part of Amertha Galih Naga Seno, a meditation ritual which utilises sound to heal, whilst carefully considering the vibration of energy found in daily life and the flowing energy transitions in nature. On the final day, a guided Samedi Meditation is available for guests to complete the tranquil experience at Amanjiwo.

With a three-night experience in this otherworldly location, guests are offered a fully immersive stay with a curated itinerary inspired by the spirit of Vesak. During their stay at Amanjiwo, guests are served daily breakfast overlooking the striking vistas of the Menoreh Hills, creating lasting memories amidst blissful surroundings.

Veluvana Vihara

Veluvana Vihara is a Buddhist monastery founded in 1989 and established as a form of expression and dedication by the Venerable Y.A Ashin Jinarakkhita Mahathera to Smaratungga College. It is a place for education and training for monks in the development of Buddhism in Indonesia. Located in Boyolali, Central Java, the Veluvana Vihara complex consists of a Dharmasala, a boarding house for monks, and various other facilities to support it.

The vihara is the house of a pagoda dedicated to sangha teachers and elders including Y.A. Ashin jinarakakhita Mahathera (Relic), Y. A. Wiku Dewa Dharmaputra Mahasthavira, YES. Dharmasuryabhumi Mahathera, Y.A. Dharma Aji Uggadhammo Mahasthavira, and other elders of the Indonesian Supreme Sangha.

To join the three-night event at Amanjiwo please contact the reservations team at [email protected] /+62 361 846 8585.


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