The Veranda, a Luxurious Green Oasis in South Jakarta

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Like a green oasis in the desert, The Veranda is such a serenity and freshness in the midst of a dynamic, bustling, crowded, and polluted metropolitan city. There, the hustle and bustle of Jakarta traffic seems being swallowed up by a fresh green garden that gives peace.

This apartment project, which was built in Lebak Bulus area, South Jakarta, offers a vacation like daily life. You don’t need to go to Ubud, Seminyak, or Jimbaran to enjoy the sunrise or sunset amidst lush gardens and colorful flowers.

This is one of the few residences in Jakarta, where you can feel the luxury of nature, with complete and convenient facilities without having to leave your apartment.

This area is completed with 47 types of facilities. There are putting green, sunken seater by the pool, meditation area, dancing studio, kids gymnastic & trampoline park, library & co-working space, watter fall among others interesting facilities. It is just right to say that it’s a place to come home in comfort, after a fatigued day in the capital.

“We understand how to create luxury through landscaping. Our concept, The Veranda focuses on health and luxury, and a relaxing green oasis,,” said Tomoaki Kinoshita, the Director of  PT Jakarta Indah Makmur, a representative of Nishitetsu in Jakarta, a well-known Japanese urban development company that managed The Veranda project with PT Pulauintan Development.

And he also said the biggest selling point of The Veranda is the pleasure of “The Mindset Journey”, where consumers are invited to feel as if they are relaxing in a Bali resort.

Explaining the natural conditions of the area, Ir. Indawansani, a climatologist from BMKG, said that the Lebak Bulus area is located on the outskirts of Jakarta’s “Hot Island/Pulau Panas”. Pulau Panas or Pulau Bahang is a term introduced by Luke Howard in the 1810s, referring to a metropolitan area that is hotter than the surrounding (rural) area.

The hot air temperature in urban areas is partly due to the highly active lifestyle. Currently, explained Indawan, it was caused by traffic, glass reflection from high-rise buildings which produces a greenhouse effect, plus air pollution which at the same time causes the low visibility (blurry).

Indawan continued to explain that the Lebak Bulus area has a higher comfort index than the city center or the West and North Jakarta areas. Lebak Bulus air quality is even comparable to Bogor, as there are still many trees that really help to lower the temperature and provide clean and fresh air. With relatively clean air quality, it is no surprise that the sunset and sunrise look brighter in this area.

Future Transportation Access

Meanwhile, Elis Sumarto, Sales & Marketing Associate Director of The Veranda said that, in living conditions under a pandemic like today, where awareness of health is a key element in everyday life, The Veranda is a valuable residence that allows you to enjoy a healthy life in Jakarta. 

Each unit at The Veranda is designed with high ceilings that provide optimal comfort and natural health. Each room has natural light and free air circulation. The various comforts offered by The Veranda  at the same time support a flexible productive life in today’s lifestyle and the requirement to work from home. 

Regarding the project location offered by its business partner, Pulauintan, Nishitetsu believes that Lebak Bulus also has a location advantage in terms of transportation access, in addition to the advantages of its natural freshness. Similar to the Japanese lifestyle, they believe that there will be more Jakarta modern society who utilize mass transportation to avoid traffic congestion in metropolitan city.

“The project location is very convenient for customers because it has very good transportation access, such as the Outer Ring Road and the Lebak Bulus MRT Station,” said Elis.

Nishitetsu has more than 100 years of experience in TOD development in Japan. “Therefore, we are happy to be able to join this project,” continued Elis.

Two Property Masters Collaborative Project

The Veranda, a luxurious apartment with resort nuance, is a collaborative project between Nishitetsu and Pulauintan. Nishitetsu is a well-known developer in Japan who has more than 100 years of experience..

While Pulauintan, a contractor company that was founded in 1990, has experience in developing many office buildings, hotels, malls, apartments, warehouses, factories, hospitals, and others.

Nishitetsu is a business group from Japan that was founded in 1908. This business group is in charged for about 90 companies in various sectors. Starting from transportation, international logistics, real estates (offices, residential and commercial properties), retails, and hotels, to entertainment venues.

Starting an overseas expansion since 2015, Nishitetsu has developed in various countries. Apart from Indonesia, Nishitetsu also expanded to Vietnam, Thailand, and the United States.

Kinoshita said that “We understand that the current market is hard due to Covid-19, but we would like to provide our customers with a bright future by concentrating our wisdom,” he concluded.

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