Chef Chris Salans Honored by the French Government

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The Mozaic Group is proud to announce that Chris Salans, chef- owner of Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomique and [email protected], Bali, has just been granted the Order of Agricultural Merit by the government of France. The reward was bestowed upon chef Salans by the French Ambassador, Mr. Olivier Chambard, in a formal ceremony at his residence in Jakarta on Monday September 7th 2020.

The Order of Agricultural Merit was established in 1883 by the Republic of France to reward exceptional service in the fields of agriculture and gastronomy. This is the second award Chef Salans has been granted by the French government. In 2019, he was inducted as a Maître Cuisinier de France in recognition of his pioneering cuisine employing French techniques with Indonesian flavors.

Chris Salans says, “I am proud to receive this title by the French government for representing French gastronomy in Indonesia and promoting French-Indonesian relations. I hope that this shines light on Bali and Indonesia as a world-class culinary destination because in these difficult times we all need it.”

In order to celebrate this accolade Chef Salans will be hosting a special ‘tribute to French cuisine’ dinner at Mozaic restaurant. Chef Salans will be teaming up with French pastry chef Vincent Nigita, of Vincent Nigita Patisserie in Berawa, Bali, to prepare a special tasting menu of French classic dishes revisited by the talented chefs.

The two chefs will be cooking with exclusive imported French ingredients such as Fines de Claire Oysters, Brittany Lobster, Duck Foie Gras, Venison and Valrhona Chocolate and Mozaic’s wine manager, Mr Jean Francois Moch, will be preparing an all French pairing of wines for each course.

The event will be held at Mozaic restaurant in Ubud on Sunday September 27th with reservations available from 6pm until 9.30pm for a maximum of 60 guests. Price for dinner will be 1,250,000++ per person for a 7-course tasting menu and 1,600,000++ per person for a 9-course tasting menu. An optional pairing of all French wines will also be made available for 990,000++ per person for a 7-course wine pairing and 1,250,000++ per person for a 9- course wine pairing. Menu details and Reservations for this unique dinner are available by calling Mozaic restaurant at 0361975768 or visiting

Chris Salans and Ambassador Chambard

Chef’s Profile

Vincent Nigita

Originated from Lyon, the capital of culinary in France, Vincent Nigita studied in the prestigious pastry school and gained lots of experience through his career journey around the world. His passion in art and pastry has led him to create an enchanted dessert where he combines the excellent technique, passion, precision and taste into a masterpiece.

Building his international career alongside some respected chefs like Eric Briffart (M.O.F.), Christian Le Squer (3 Michelin Stars) and Pierre Gagnaire (3 Michelin stars), Nigita left his position as pastry chef at the Four Seasons Hotel Paris in 2016 to travel around the world and discover the unique flavors and ingredients from every region that he visited. Falling in love with Bali for its rich culture, art, and abundance of natural resources, Vincent Nigita decided to share his journeys with his newest venture Vincent Nigita Patisserie.

Chris Salans

Chris Salans hailed from three Michelin-starred restaurants in France and in the USA before creating his pioneering style of French cuisine-meets-Balinese flavors at Ubud’s multiple award-winning Mozaic Restaurant Gastronomic and Spice Chris Salans gastro-bar in Ubud. Chris is a dedicated mentor and one of Bali’s top culinary ambassadors, representing Indonesia in print, television, and at international food events.

For more information: Komang Sri – Mozaic Restaurant, Ubud, E: [email protected] T: +6287760268282

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