Jakarta to Host Modest Fashion Summit 2018

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Jakarta will host the world’s first Modest Fashion Summit in 2018. The two-day event is the first platform for international modest fashion stakeholders.

The Summit on 11-12 December 2018 will gather all players in the modest fashion industry, from decision makers to retailers to financial investment companies to startups. The Summit will help attendees learn more about building consumer relationships, discover growth opportunities and establish new collaborations between brands, retailers, and investors.

Modest dressing spans many walks of life across many different religions and is a preference for many international women. Modest fashion can serve a multitude of consumers and markets – from those choosing it for religious reasons to those choosing it for style.

Stevy Sela, Chief Creative Officer of EBW Worldwide, the organizing body behind the event, said that the Summit would help stakeholders in the modest fashion industry to predict upcoming trends, while ensuring sustainability of the industry. “We want to make modest fashion sustainable and be part of fashion industry, because we believe modest is for everyone”.

The modest fashion market shows great economic potential. The State of Global Islamic Economy Report, produced by Thomson Reuters, states that the modest fashion market is worth an estimated at $44 billion, while Muslim consumers will spend $368 billion on fashion by 2020. Pinterest UK’s searches for ‘modest fashion’ have also increased 500 per cent since the beginning of 2018.

Over the last few years, the fashion world has tuned into a “new” demographic: Muslim women and others for whom dressing conservatively is a religious or cultural choice. Nike has released a Nike Pro hijab, and L’Oréal Paris recruited hijabi beauty blogger Amena Khan as part of their latest shampoo campaign. Various fashion brands, from renowned fashion houses of Dolce & Gabbana, Tommy Hilfiger and Oscar de la Renta, to street-style fashion brands such as H&M, also tap in to the business by producing abayas, hijabs and dresses with modesty in mind.

Having the international event in the capital city of Indonesia will also boost the development of end-to-end supply chain that has existed in the country.


Grant Pearce, Condé Nast International and member of Modest Fashion Summit Advisory Board, says more people are aware of modest fashion because of the Internet. “Modest fashion was always there,” he says. “Now, the awareness has allowed people to recognize and appreciate that there is a business opportunity.”

The Summit, which will take place over two packed days, will include a mixture of keynote speeches, panel sessions, and one-to-one interviews, to ensure stimulating and vibrant discussions. While the Summit’s main agenda is to provide an international platform for the B2B side of modest fashion, the event will also open doors to many possible creative collaborations. Having the international event in the capital city of Indonesia will also boost the development of end-to-end supply chain that has existed in the country.

With modest fashion getting more attention from the market, there is a need for an event that can help shape modest fashion into an important and sustainable part in the fashion industry. The first Modest Fashion Summit to be held in Jakarta aims to provide a solid foundation and clear direction on the modest fashion development.

For more information, please visit modestfashionsummit.com

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