Starbucks Uplifts Ramadan Season with Its First Drive-Thru Sticker Program in Indonesia

  • Starbucks brings “A Cup of Kindness” as the theme for Ramadan this year with a series of engaging programs.
  • For the first time, Starbucks introduced a drive-thru sticker program, Wheel of Kindness, for its customers in Indonesia during the month of Ramadan to welcome Eid and the homecoming tradition or Mudik.

Ramadan is the month of kindness, a good time to share and gather with loved ones. This is a time when families and communities come together, and Mudik or the tradition of going home ahead of Eid celebrations reflects the importance of being together with our families and closest communities. And going home has basically become a ritual carried out by people from various backgrounds in Indonesia.   

In the spirit of Ramadan, Starbucks is proud to announce its theme in this Holy month, A Cup of Kindness, with one of its new programs, Wheel of Kindness. Dedicated to spreading joy, kindness, and unity, Starbucks will launch, for the very first time, a drive-thru sticker program throughout the month onwards to welcome all the customers and accompany them during Mudik period.

All Starbucks stores will be ready to welcome customer and accompany them along the way with some excitements and programs from A Cup of Kindness

Uplifting Ramadan with A Cup of Kindness

“Ramadan has always been the perfect time for people to reconnect with their roots, strengthen social ties, and celebrate the blessings together. When Ramadan and Mudik comes, people have many ways to get through it, to reunite with their loved ones, and Starbucks Drive-Thru is always part of all these stories,” says Liryawati, chief marketing officer of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia, the official licensee of Starbucks brand in Indonesia. 

“In Indonesia particularly, Ramadan is usually becoming the perfect time for people to going back to their origin region, their ‘home’, where they’re originally come from, using any transportation mode, including road trip with their family. With this year’s theme ‘A Cup of Kindness’, all our stores, especially the drive-thru ones, will be ready to welcome all the customer and accompany them along the way with some excitements and programs,” she added.

The series of “A Cup of Kindness” promo, excitements and programs are expected to bring warmth of Ramadan togetherness.

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