Welcome to Vagabondo, Your Cozy Holiday Heaven!

This Christmas, we’re thrilled to present “A Xmas Family Affair,” a very special Dinner Party in a place that feels like home away from home… with a fusion of delicious eats and festive vibes.

Picture this: as the day winds down, the Vagabondo’s house transforms into a hub for Christmas celebrations surrounded by these friends that became family. 

Step into our candlelit wonderland, we gather for a culinary adventure inspired by Greek Modern Cuisine and the spirit of wanderlust. The air is rich with scents of Mediterranean goodness-olive oil, oregano, and coastal delights—a true feast for the senses. 

Let’s take off to the sun-soaked Mediterranean shores, transported in a symphony of flavors. Surrounded by twinkling lights and Christmas ambiance by the famous designer Mauricio Alpizar and live show by Nadavya, friends become family over laughter and mouthwatering dishes. 

Together we eat, we drink and we dance! Get ready for Dinner Party Beats by DJ Rafa Gonzalez and DJ T Middy for a night full of surprises! 

At Vagabondo, the epicurean home, our “Xmas Family Affair” embodies the heart of Christmas-good food, togetherness, and cultural fusion in the cozy atmosphere of a real home. It’s a night that’ll fill in your heart with shared experiences. 

Join us for an intimate Mediterranean dinner party that feels like home, complete with off-menu treats and many surprises. Let’s celebrate like a European family, making memories that’ll echo the festive spirit back home! 

Let’s eat, let’s drink, let’s dance! 

Sunday 24th December from 8Pm till late.

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