PAUL Le Café Opens Its First Outlet in Bandung, As Well As The First Outside of Jakarta

PAUL continues its expansion in November by opening its first outlet in Bandung, which is also the first one located outside Jakarta. The outlet located at Trans Studio Bandung is the 9th PAUL Le Café and 17th PAUL Bakery in Indonesia. Moreover, there will be two exclusive menus that will only be available at PAUL Le Café Trans Studio Bandung.

PAUL’s choice of Bandung as its first location outside Jabodetak signifies a dedicated commitment to introducing an authentic French food & coffee experience to a broader audience in Indonesia. Bandung, as the largest metropolitan city in West Java also referred as “Paris Van Java” highlight its cultural connection with France, making it a fitting destination for PAUL to bring its first store in Bandung. 

PAUL’s presence in Bandung will establish it as the city’s only bakery and pastry shop offering genuine French flavors and style, aligning seamlessly with Bandung’s appreciation for café culture. This strategic move is seen as the perfect extension of our expansion efforts in Indonesia, aiming to educate the local community about the true essence of French café and culinary offerings.

“The decision to open our first outlet outside Jakarta in Bandung is a strategic move we’ve taken. Bandung has a rich culinary culture and population that appreciates authentic and high-quality food. We believe that Bandung is the right place to bring the true flavors of France to the Indonesian people. By opening an outlet in Bandung, we hope to expand the reach of our products and introduce to more people the exceptional French culinary experience.”

“We want to offer the people of Bandung the opportunity to savor the authenticity of French pastries, with its core ingredients sourced directly from France to guarantee the highest quality. We are very excited to see the positive response from the Bandung community and our customers there,” said Michelle Hendrawan, Head of Marketing PAUL.

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