The Wedding Showcase

Variety of Wedding-Style Dreams

Preparing for a happy day like a wedding day takes quite a long time. In order to meet market needs for prospective brides and grooms and their families, Aviary Bintaro provides inspiration for wedding event locations with a variety of different nuances.

It’s about time to change many habits and thinking patterns, including planning wedding parties. In collaboration with several selected vendors, Aviary Bintaro holds a Wedding Showcase while providing exclusive offers, to provide a romantic atmosphere and cultural inspiration for your dream wedding.

Wedding Showcase – Inspiration for Wedding Dreams

In collaboration with various vendors of decorations, wedding dresses, documentation, and entertainment packages, this Wedding Showcase is located on the ground floor of the hotel lobby, held for approximately the next six months with a different theme each month according to the special offers provided by the vendors.

Presenting a different concept and conveying a message to prospective brides and grooms, that we can make all their dreams and wishes come true.

We present several of the best locations that could be a choice for prospective brides and grooms to hold their wedding. Starting from the wedding ceremony or blessing, traditional processions to the wedding reception, prospective brides and grooms can have the best picture in planning their wedding.

For further information, please contact the call center at 0811 355 032

Wedding Dream Inspiration – Open Space

With affordable prices, Aviary provides various wedding packages that can make the dreams of prospective brides and grooms come true.

They offer the Pelican Package – Flamingo Package to the Black Swan Package starting from 300 – 500 people with prices starting from IDR 168,000,000 and get various facilities such as rooms, food stalls, decorations, documentation, and many other conveniences that can be the choice of prospective brides and grooms for make his dream come true.

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