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About PT Agung Mandiri Lestari

Genki Sushi exists in Indonesia because of the great enthusiasm from customers who love Japanese culinary. Therefore, PT Agung Mandiri Lestari (under PT Map Boga Adiperkasa, Tbk, part of PT Mitra Adiperkasa, Tbk) presents this brand to fulfill customers’ needs for authentic Japanese cuisine. Genki Sushi is also renowned as a restaurant that serves fresh sushi and possesses good value for money.

Genki Sushi has become the first sushi restaurant in Indonesia that delivers the authentic Japanese dishes using kousoku lane. It is unique because the trays are the replica of items in Japanese culture. This traditional and modern combination is capable to give a fun and memorable dining experience at Genki Sushi. This is the dining experience we would like to offer to customers in Indonesia.

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