Trip to Tokyo

Taishakuten Roll

This roll would have its unique mix of ingredients, and its name may reference a local specialty or theme and the one that Genki Sushi has uses salmon skin, salmon, kyuri, and yogurt mayo.

Sunamachi Roll

Sushi chef’s creation that incluce kanikama, avocado, ebiko, crabcraze, and yogurt mayo.

Ginza Platter

A sushi and sashimi platter that is often associated with premium ingredients and high-quality presentation, given the upscale reputation of Ginza in Tokyo. You may find Norwegian fresh salmon, grill river eel nigiri, and egg.

Shibuya Platter

A sushi or sashimi platter named after the famous Shibuya district in Tokyo, likely with a mix of delicious offerings like fresh Norwegian Salmon, river eel, egg, and California roll, and chuka wakame gunkan.

Shinjuku Platter

Similar to Shibuya Platter but Shinjuku Platter possibly with its unique twist on ingredients and presentation. You may enjoy grill river eel nigiri, shrimp ebi nigiri, fried tofu skin, egg, and Norwegian fresh salmon.

Crunchy Spicy Salmon Hand Roll

A hand-rolled sushi roll filled with spicy salmon and crunchy toppings, wrapped in nori and rice. This is actually an existing menu but Genki Sushi includes this to Trip to Tokyo menu as many people love it.

Castella Cake

Also known as Kasutera cake, is a type of sponge cake that has its origins in Portugal but is particularly popular in Japan. Castella cake has a unique texture and flavor that sets it apart from traditional sponge cakes. 

About Genki Sushi

The story of Genki Sushi itself began in late 1968. At that time, the sushi Chef Fumio Saito in Japan was dreaming to open a traditional sushi restaurant that was combined with modern technology. He created Kaiten sushi concept, which has become a pioneer in using a conveyor belt to present sushi. After great success in Japan, Genki Sushi expands to Singapore, Hawaii, Hong Kong, Kuwait, China, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

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