Starbucks Presents Its Latest Merchandise Collection that Promotes the Diversity of Indonesian Fabrics

In Commemoration of Indonesia’s 78th Independence Day

Featuring designs ranging from Sekar Jagad motifs to Weaving Bima, Starbucks launched a series of city collection merchandise in collaboration with Indonesian fashion designer, Purana.

Celebrating the 78th Independence Day of the country, Starbucks released its newest city collection merchandise in collaboration with fashion brand, Purana. The Purana + Starbucks collection features 9 designs that highlight the diversity of fabrics from several cities, such as Jakarta, Bandung, Surabaya, Bali, Yogyakarta, Medan, Makassar and Lombok, as well as a special design that represents Indonesia.

“It is our commitment to strengthen human connection by uplifting the local community, of which Starbucks is a part. We constantly work to create a community that values equality and is more resilient and sustainable. Therefore, Starbucks in Indonesia always strives to continue working with local artists in creating designs for its merchandise collections.”

“And this year, we are proud to be collaborating again with the fashion brand, Purana,” said Liryawati, chief marketing officer of PT Sari Coffee Indonesia – the official licensee for the Starbucks brand in Indonesia. 

“Having the same values in elevating culture as the core of a nation, Starbucks and Purana, started this collaboration by taking traditional fabrics as the main focus in their city collection merchandise collection, to echo Batik again as Indonesia’s cultural heritage. With nine designs inspired by various traditional fabrics that have been legalized as Indonesia’s intangible cultural heritage, we hope that this collection can also color Indonesia’s Independence Day and elevate our very rich cultural heritage,” she added. 

“Three years ago, Purana exclusively crafted a glass water bottle for Starbucks. As we embarked on this current collaboration for the city collection merchandise, it felt like a seamless continuation of that partnership. The biggest challenge may be the process of combining the icons, traditional fabrics, and flora or fauna endemic to the city,” said Nonita Respati, Founder & Creative Director for Purana. 

The latest city collection merchandise, Purana + Starbucks.

“We want to display a design that is dimensional but not separate, layered but integrated, with carefully chosen colors that resonate with the essence of each city, to become a merchandise for nine cities in Indonesia that is worth collecting – in line with Purana’s expertise as a fashion brand that has consistently presented Indonesia’s cultural wealth, wisdom and art in a spirit that is contemporary, dynamic and modern,” she added.

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