SugarSand Brings the Spirit of a Japanese Neighborhood Eatery with a Beachfront Location

SugarSand is created to become a haven for lovers of fine food and drinks, music and culture, relaxation and celebration. During the day, guests can indulge in a variety of Japanese delicacies, including Wagyu Gyoza, Chicken Katsu Sandwich, Tacos 3 Way, and a selection of sushi.

As the sun sets, SugarSand transitions into a convivial Izakaya concept, offering eclectic Japanese cuisine such as Gindara Miso, Spicy Tuna Sushi, and The Kiwami Wagyu Bollar Blade.

Complementing the culinary offerings, SugarSand’s innovative Balixologists, led by head mixologist Dewa Ari, craft an array of enticing cocktails.

Guests can explore the “homage to Japanese cocktail culture” series, which showcases Japan-inspired cocktails, or choose from the selection of signature cocktails that have been enjoyed since the restaurant’s opening. Additionally, SugarSand offers Slow Cooked Infused G&Ts, adding a unique twist to the casual drinking experience.

To enhance the ambiance, SugarSand features curated chill music from in-house DJs, creating a perfect atmosphere for socializing and mingling. The restaurant aims to provide a haven where people can enjoy fine food and drinks, music, culture, and celebrate beautiful moments in a beachfront setting.

For more information about SugarSand, you can visit our Instagram page @sugarsand.bali or the website

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