SugarSand Brings the Spirit of a Japanese Neighborhood Eatery with a Beachfront Location

Already a favorite amongst the Seminyak beachfront dining destinations, SugarSand is now re- mastered with a brand-new menu for lunch, dinner, and cocktails.

SugarSand, located in Seminyak, Bali, is a popular beachfront dining destination known for its stunning ocean views and vibrant atmosphere. Originally opened in September 2018, SugarSand has recently undergone a transformation, introducing a brand-new menu for lunch, dinner, and cocktails.

The restaurant embraces the spirit of a Japanese neighborhood eatery, offering contemporary Japanese cuisine in the famous Izakaya style.

The design of SugarSand is influenced by local Balinese culture, featuring intricate details inspired by the jukung, a traditional Balinese boat, combined with Japanese simplicity.

The venue boasts two levels, with an infinity pool and communal area on the first floor, providing a space to relax and enjoy the sea breeze. On the second floor, an open-air lounge offers panoramic views of the Indian Ocean, creating an ideal setting for unwinding and private gatherings.

Heading the kitchen at SugarSand is Chef Syamsul Rizal, who brings his extensive culinary experience to curate a menu of modern Japanese dishes using locally sourced ingredients. Chef Syamsul Rizal, who honed his talents at Nobu and joined the establishment early last year after spending most of his tenure overseas.

He has worked in the kitchen of international cruise liners, global hotel chains, and at some of the top restaurants in the US, Saudi Arabia, Switzerland, and Morocco. One of his points of pride is working at Miami’s award-winning restaurant Nobu and Zuma in Dubai.

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