Feel the ‘Spring in Paris’ with Paul

Paul brings the mood of springtime in Paris with its most recent selection of Japanese-inspired foods and beverages. Pastries, viennoiseries, and drink with Yuzu and matcha-flavored from the Spring in Paris menu will keep you refresh all day and excited for the day.

Despite the fact that Indonesia only has two seasons, Paul wants to bring its customers a feeling of spring, a season that carries excitement and optimism. Paul’s customers can spring into action with fresh and flavorful menu items, including our Yuzu Lemon Éclair, Raspberry Matcha Tartlette, Charlotte Matcha Raspberry, Raspberry Matcha Éclair, Palmier Raspberry Matcha, and Matcha Latte that are beautifully combine for an irresistible experience.

As eating savoury food is essential, Paul also offers two menus available for breakfast, lunch, or dinner: Egg Sando Sandwich and Soba Noodle Salad.

Raspberry Matcha Tartlette

A French dessert called Éclair is made from choux pastry, filled with cream or custard, and fondant frosting. Paul also offers Yuzu Lemon and Raspberry Matcha, two new flavors that are popular in Indonesia. You will get a unique experience from the bold combination of Matcha and raspberry, as well as the fresh Yuzu flavor with a touch of lemon.

Paul pays an homage to Charlotte cake, one of the most classic French delicacies that are usually made in a deep cylindrical shape, while bringing a unique twist in its Charlotte Matcha Raspberry that is served in a jar.

In France, one would line the mould with buttered bread, sponge cake sticks, or cookies and fill it with ice cream, whipped cream, or fruit puree. We recommend to eat it cold to experience the true freshness. Interesting fact: The dessert was named after Queen Charlotte, who was King George III of England’s wife.

Soba Salad Noodle
Palmier Raspberry Matcha

A tartette is a pastry dish with a pastry shell surrounding the filling and PAUL is offering something a little new this season with the bold, yet harmonious flavor combination: matcha and raspberries.

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