Stereoflow Initiated Mural in 4 Taman Menteng’s Courts

Endorsed by Pop Mie and Matrix Nap Info, The Murals, Entitled “Gelora Ragam”, are Aimed for Public Space Activation as Well as to Provide Free Internet Access to Public

Graffiti artist, Stereoflow (Adi Dharma) presents his latest mural creation in 4 courts at Menteng Taman Menteng. Supported by the Regional Government of DKI Jakarta, the work is inspired by the spirit of collaboration and diversity of Jakarta city. Entitled “Gelora Ragam”, the art is laid on 4 4,000 m2 sports courts at Taman Menteng, Jakarta and took two weeks for completion; 1-14 October, 2022 carried out by the Stereoflow’s team consisting of 16 artists.

Stereoflow stated, “I am very happy with today’s collaboration with DKI Jakarta which is very exciting and challenging at Taman Menteng courts. The spirit of Jakarta as Collaboration City as well as its diversity had been a strong inspiration for me in creating this mural in this special event. For me, color diversity has always been one harmonious composition and each color completes one another. This reflects the lives of the people in Jakarta which are so diverse and dynamic yet exist side by side in peace and harmony. In the end, this is what created its own unique nuances and gave birth to Jakarta’s identity.”

Jakarta-based artist, Stereoflow (Adi Dharma), is known for his works which are considered smart and iconic, instigating a conversation between the artist and the audience.

Head of the Department of Tourism and Creative Economy (Disparekraf) of DKI Jakarta, Andhika Permata said that his party is open to provide space for people in the creative industry to take part in giving colors to Jakarta and beautify the city through their various works, one of which is with mural. “This collaboration with stereoflow is an effort to beautify the Capital City. I hope for future collaborations to follow. We at Disparekraf DKI Jakarta is very open to collaborate with the people in the creative economy. We have numerous public space which can be used for creative artists to showcase their works.”

Hopefully, other than as one of the efforts to develop further creative economy potential in Jakarta, the mural could improve tourists’ interests and turn Taman Menteng into a public space that is interesting to visit.

Furthermore, Stereoflow stated that each color is like each player in a sports team, and an excellent collaboration is important to achieve a common goal together. Some of the detail in the art reflects a certain meaning, such as 44 infiltration wells in the location being presented by texture strokes on the mural. The history of the field being the former headquarters of Persija club is presented by the tiger pattern incorporated in the mural.

Stereoflow delivered his thanks for the full support of the sponsors for this special collaboration, namely Pop Mie by PT Indofood CBP Sukses Makmur Tbk as a youthful brand supporting activities which are popular among the young generation, providing paint supplies, and painting tools, with the hope that the next collaboration could support and provoke the youth to continue to create, as well as PT NAP Info Lintas Nusa (Matrix NAP Info) who had provided free internet connection through their Matrix Broadband service for all visitors at Taman Menteng who came to enjoy Stereoflow’s work.

Jakarta-based artist, Stereoflow (Adi Dharma), is known for his works which are considered smart and iconic, instigating a conversation between the artist and the audience. His work is a combination of all the visual style he had explored throughout his career. From graffiti, street art, up to contemporary art. All of which is deconstructed and composed into an entirely brand new identity.

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