Australian Supermodel of The Year 2023 is Now Open for Applicants from Indonesia!

Responsible and purposeful brands are looking for Activists and Role Models to represent them and that is exactly what ASOTY is focusing on delivering. It is an initiative that has been taken during the pageant’s journey towards a safer and better planet, and ASOTY wants to support sustainable brands by identifying, mentoring and managing the right talents.

The ASOTY talent management is currently offering its services in Australia and India, and Indonesia is going to be a big focus this year. 

“Australian Supermodel of the Year is not about finding ‘a supermodel’. It is about helping every girl out there discover the Supermodel within her” added Kal. “There is a Supermodel in each one of us.” 

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What is ASOTY?

Australian Super Model of the Year is a fashion-focused, learning and mentoring program that aims to educate and represent models/creatives/ influencers of diverse beliefs, cultures, ethnicities, interests, shapes and sizes. Australia represents this diversity naturally with people from all over the world living here and calling it home.

Starting this season, ASOTY will be extending this inclusive platform to models from other nations and cultures too. That is the idea behind opening the program gradually to talent from other countries including Indonesia & Russia this year.

The goal at ASOTY is not as much to identify that one most beautiful girl, but to educate and communicate that everyone is beautiful. Role modelling and Activism is the best way to describe ASOTY’s vision for the future. 

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