Australian Supermodel of The Year 2023 is Now Open for Applicants from Indonesia!

With or Without A Crown, You Are Always A Queen

Australian Supermodel of The Year is an annual beauty pageant-styled modelling competition and learning program based in Melbourne, Australia, committed to True Inclusiveness. The pageant believes in inclusiveness that represents people of all colours, people of all sizes, people of all faiths and people with different or even conflicting views.

Aiming to create a community that understands, respects and enables a free and fair opportunity for everyone, the competition helps young aspiring models to learn about the creative, advertising, marketing & commercial aspects of the fashion and modelling industry through coaching sessions and ongoing mentoring by industry experts and thought leaders. 

The approach is wholistic covering important topics like communication, time management, financial discipline, social media mastery, body positivity, self-love, health & diet, resilience, meditation, mindfulness, styling, make-up, collaborations and of course, photography & runway skills. Opportunities and possibilities in modelling are also discussed extensively during workshops and mentoring sessions.

Bella Fernandes @bellaafernandesofficial – Australian Supermodel of The Year 2022 Winner

The core belief behind ASOTY is that fashion modelling will eventually progress through the stage of role-modelling into ethical activism. Women are going to be at the forefront of a new world order shouldering the responsibilities to fix environmental, social, political and economic issues that the world is facing today.

Models today are no more ‘just a pretty face and a hot body’. In fact, they never were. Women have always been the kinder, wiser and the braver gender. It is their kindness, compassion and patience that made them play the second fiddle to men through most of the history.

By joining ASOTY 2023, With our Without A Crown, You Are Always A Queen, as stated in the competition’s tagline this year.

Laina Eady @laina.eady Australian Supermodel of The Year 2020/ 2021 Winner

ASOTY 2023 is Now Open to Applicants from Indonesia!

The competition is back in a hybrid format, part-digital and part physical, with its Grand Finale scheduled in Bali for February 2023. The 2022 Program was a complete digital experience due to the pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions. The Grand Finale of the Competition includes an international runway where all the finalists showcase collections from leading Australian & Indonesian designers. 

Registration for Indonesia’s applicants will be opened until 21 September 2022.

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