Red Bull Dance Your Style

Indonesia Welcomes Its First Edition of The Global Dance Competition 

Red Bull Dance Your Style, the renowned global street dance competition, will make its official debut in Indonesia this July 27th at Anjungan Sarinah, Jakarta Pusat. The National Finals will showcase 16 of the country’s most talented dancers, carefully selected from Indonesia’s diverse and dynamic dance scene. 

Each finalist will vie for the chance to represent Indonesia at the Red Bull Dance Your Style World Finals in Mumbai, India this November 2024, competing against winners from 50 other countries.

Battling to Unpredictable Music To Win The Crowd

Red Bull Dance Your Style is a one-of-a-kind global dance competition that takes improvisation to the next level. Celebrating dancers from all genres, from popping to locking to hip-hop, etc., they will compete in 1-on-1 battles outside of their comfort zones, dancing to unpredictable music ranging from mainstream hits to timeless Indonesian classics.

Powered by Red Bull Energy Drink (blue & silver), the competition puts Indonesia’s vibrant dance scene in the limelight. The European energy drink brand, which recently entered the market approximately a decade ago, is known for its tagline, “gives you wiiings.” 

In line with the brand’s mission of empowerment, Red Bull Dance Your Style offers talented dancers a platform to shine on the global stage. This year, with Facemoji Keyboard as one of its official sponsors, Red Bull Dance Your Style shines a spotlight on Indonesian dance talents. 

What sets Red Bull Dance Your Style apart? Unlike any other dance competitions, here the audience is the judge! It’s the crowd ultimately deciding the winner of each round by voting for their favorite dancers!

“Thank God Red Bull Dance Your Style is finally coming to Indonesia! I’m super excited! This amazing platform is such a big opportunity for Indonesian dance communities to be heard on a global level,” says Semmy Blank, Red Bull’s local dance consultant in Indonesia.

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